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“Correct thy son, and he shall give thee rest, yea, he shall give delight unto thy soul.” Proverbs 29:17 KJV

Be Purposeful

                     Our Vision

Family Reunification is a pivitol aspect of the ReEntry process after a period of incarceration or family separation. We are committed to healing the brokenness caused by peer pressure , domestic violence, mental dis-ease such as depression or the fear of the unknown related to reintergrating into their families and our communities after incarceration or family separation.  We are a pathway of hope to seize opportunities that aide individuals and families with overcoming stereotypical barriers.

        Strategic Goal

  • Increase passion for learning during every maturation stage (1st Corth. 13:11).
  • Increase or restore the honor between child and parent (Eph. 6:1 KJV).
  • Enrich the lives of those we serve by integrating best practices of a strength-based self-encouragement techniques and family-focused approach (1st Corth. 2:4-5; 2:9; 2:13-15 KJV).

Be Powerful

                        Our Values

Prevail Outreach Ministries, Inc. continues to break the intergenerational cycle of low self-esteem, emotional & mental distresses, crime, abuse, and incarceration beginning with the Divine Order of Family by and through best practices of a strength-based and family-focused approach.


 Our Governing Principles

  • Respect ALL PEOPLE, for WE are THE PEOPLE.
  • Be Honest and display integrity.
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Forgive others.
  • Work through a Spirit of Excellence.



                          Our IMPACT

Prevail Outreach Ministries, Inc. is a beacon of light in the county of PALM BEACH and the surrounding areas by improving the quality of life and strengthening family ties.

  • Increase healthy expectations through bibical teachings.
  • Reduce juvenile suspensions, recidivism and decrease defiant activity within our homes, schools, and communities.
  • Promote social and emotional learning across environments where young people spend their time.
  • Increase the number of rededicated youth who demonstrate renewed accountable mindsets.
  • Increase on-hands on life-skills while identifying self-purpose.
  • Increase knowledge on how to overcome life barriers such as idle word usage, stinking thinking, conflict resolution, business plan writing and more tactful learning opportunities.
Yes, we can reduce these barriers!
Credit: Children’s Defense Fund, The State of America’s Children. (2017). For more information, please visit

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